Vistry Group Accounts

1What services do CQMS provide to Vistry Group
For Vistry Group, we provide:
(1) H&S evaluation module and certification to CQMS Safety-Scheme
(2) CSR module (covering insurances, quality, environmental, and anti-bribery etc)
(3) Trade module (for demolition and scaffold contractors only)
(4) Collation and review of information for COINS Account Set up and annual updates

We then proactively monitor the database and request annual updates to insurances and certifications, for the Vistry Group suppliers if applicable, self billing agreements.
Client buyers can log in to the CQMS Portal to view the current ‘live’ status of suppliers* at any time.

* a ‘supplier’ is a contractor, principal contractor, designer, principal designer, or consultant who provides professional services in relation to site works (e.g. noise consultant).
2Are there any suppliers who don’t need to be CQMS registered and certificated?
The following suppliers fall outside the scope of CQMS' services to Vistry Group:

(1) Material only suppliers (e.g. Travis Perkins)
(2) Suppliers who provide services other than site/development services (e.g. solicitor)
(3) Utility companies

You should send these directly to the Group Accounts Payable Team.

All other suppliers are to be registered and certificated with CQMS.

3What happens with PL accounts?
The set up and ongoing maintenance is managed directly by Group Accounts Payable for COINS accounts; CQMS can undertake the health and safety and CSR module certifications if required i.e. if the supplier provides, or is going to provide, services on or in relation to site activity.

If a supplier is going to be providing services as a Contractor, Principal Contractor, Designer, Principal Designer or Consultant they should be appropriately assessed under the H&S and CSR modules by CQMS.

Please contact our offices for further information if there is any doubt.
4What do I need to tell suppliers?
Please inform them as soon as possible that CQMS will be making contact with them to obtain the information listed above, and that their prompt response is very important to avoid delays.

It is also recommended that you emphasise the importance of the supplier completing the full process with CQMS (H&S and CSR modules) in order to comply with the Vistry Group and standards and requirements for competency.

Please also advise them that there will be a payment to make directly to CQMS, which will need to be allocated to their account before any information is processed.

5What is the cost to suppliers?
This will depend upon whether they hold existing H&S certifications with a member of SSIP and whether we need to obtain the COINS information; please see the CQMS website for details: .
6What information do I need to send to CQMS to set up a new account on COINS?
(1) Account Set Up Form, signed by Commercial/Finance Director
Copy available below.

(2) New Supplier Form
Copy available below

(3) Relevant insurance documents
i.e. employers, public liability, professional indemnity etc.

(4) Letterhead
(5) Evidence of supplier bank account e.g. bank paying in slip
(6) VAT Certificate

(7) Self-Billing Agreement(s)

(8) Employment Status Form


All new account set up requests should be emailed to
If any of the information (3-8) above is missing, CQMS will contact the supplier directly to obtain.
7What information do I need to send to CQMS to add an existing supplier to a new KCO?
If a supplier already has an active account on COINS and the CQMS database, they can be easily added to another KCO. Please send an email to and copy in your Commercial Director, clearly stating the full name of the supplier, their COINS Subcontract Account Number and the KCO you want them adding to.

If the supplier has current certification in place with CQMS, there will be no fees payable at the point of adding them to another KCO however if their certification has expired or has not been completed at the time of your transfer request we will contact the supplier to complete the necessary modules and make appropriate payment. Please note that the supplier must have a valid, in date self billing agreement (if applicable) in order for the transfer request to be actioned by Group Accounts Payable.

8What standards do the items of information need to conform to?
(1) Account Set Up Form
This must be fully completed, and must show authorisation via signature from the Commercial Director (or via separate supporting email from the Commercial Director).

(2) New Supplier Form
Please ensure this is fully completed.

(3) Relevant insurance documents, i.e. employers, public liability, professional indemnity etc.
CQMS and Group Accounts Payable are unable to accept schedules as these are only an invitation to pay. We require proof that the insurance is actually in place, such as a ‘To Whom it May Concern’ letter from the broker, Confirmation of Insurance or evidence that full payment has been made, or a Certificate of Insurance.
The insurance information must provide the following details:
> Type of insurance
> Name of insured company (correct legal company name)
> Name of insurer
> Dates insurance valid – from and to dates required
> Insured amount
> Policy number

(4) Letterhead
This must detail:
> Bank account name
> Bank account number
> Bank sort code
> Name of bank e.g. Barclays Bank Plc
> Remittance email address
> VAT registration number
> Company information, dependent upon type of company, i.e.

> Company registration number
> UTR number

> Company registration number
> UTR number of lead partner
> First name of lead partner
> Last name of lead partner
> NI number of lead partner

> UTR number of sole trader
> First name of sole trader
> Last name of sole trader
> NI number of sole trader

(5) Evidence of supplier bank details
Such as a bank paying in slip, voided cheque, copy of bank statement

(6) VAT Certificate
This must state show the correct legal company name, and be a valid VAT Certificate / Certificate of Registration for Value Added Tax.

(7) Self-Billing Agreement(s)
Please ensure the form is fully completed (all top and bottom sections) and detail the correct legal company name and corresponding correct VAT number.

The self billing agreement must contain a ‘real’ signature in the signature field; scanned signatures are also acceptable although please note that type written are not.

If a supplier chooses to opt out of self billing, the Commercial Director must provide authorisation via email to CQMS.

(8) Employment Status Form
Must be fully completed and signed.

9What are the reasons that an account set up may be delayed?
The most common reasons are:
• The Commercial Director hasn’t given their authorisation
• Missing information e.g. no VAT certificate, or the letterhead doesn’t contain all the information needed
• Information doesn’t match across the suite of documents; generally inconsistencies in the company name, VAT number or company type (sole trader/partnership/ltd etc)
• The supplier hasn’t made payment to CQMS
• The supplier hasn’t registered for CIS (if applicable)
10How do I know when a supplier has completed their registration and assessments with CQMS?
The online Portal shows the status of suppliers, and should be the first place to check. If you do not yet have a login, please email with the following details:
• First name
• Last name
• Email address
• Business unit

You will be able to view all suppliers assigned to a particular KCO, across the whole Vistry Group, or just those you are ‘following’ and view the status of each module. A clear colour coding system is automatically applied, as follows:
Red = expired, or module not started by the supplier
Yellow = module started by the supplier but incomplete, or awaiting review by CQMS
Green = module deemed acceptable, and in date.

When a supplier has completed the process, all the relevant modules will be showing as ‘green’. As a minimum these modules will be:
- H&S module
- Vistry Supplementary H&S module *
- CSR: Environmental module *
- CSR: Quality module *
- CSR: Anti-Bribery module *
- CSR: Anti-Slavery module *
- CSR: Equality & professional standing module *
- Employers liability insurance
- Public liability insurance

* these were formerly combined into the ‘legacy CSR’ module which is valid until its expiry date, and will then be replaced with the individual modules
Further modules will be required as standard subject to the supplier’s trade:
- Demolition module (for suppliers undertaking demolition works)
- Scaffold module (for scaffolding contractors)
- Vistry COINS module (for new account set ups)
- Vistry self billing module (if applicable to their scope, and the supplier is VAT registered)
- Professional indemnity insurance (for suppliers providing a design and/or consultancy service)
- Contract Works / Contractors All Risk insurance (for Principal Contractors)
- Product liability insurance (for suppliers who provide physical products)
11I’ve been told a supplier’s COINS account is dormant, how do I reactivate it?
An account is made dormant by the Group Accounts Payable Team if payment hasn’t been made for 2 years. In these cases, a full account set up is required to reactivate it. Please see above for details of the information needed for an account set up.
12I have another question which isn’t covered above, how do I contact CQMS or Group?
How do I contact CQMS?
Please call our offices on 01476 594410 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you. Suppliers can contact us by telephone or email

How do I contact the Group Accounts Payable Team?
Please contact 01732 280400 or email for queries or information regarding companies not requiring CQMS accreditation.

The Group Accounts Payable Team can also assist with any questions you may have relating to payments and supplier accounts on COINS. They also deal directly with changes to supplier bank details; if you receive changes to bank details from suppliers please follow the Vistry process found on DUG and contact the Group Accounts Payable Team if you have any queries.