Competent Person

Peace of mind guaranteed

It is a legal obligation for your business to have an appointed ‘Competent Person’ nominated as responsible for your employee’s health and safety.

CQMS can take on this responsibility for you. The benefits of outsourcing this role to a professional health and safety consultant include:

  1. You keep your employees safe
  2. You fulfil your legal obligations
  3. Relieves any anxiety you may have around health and safety.

As your Competent Person, CQMS will take the strain and relieve the burden of keeping up to speed with the constant changes in Health and Safety legislation and will help keep your employees safe.

We understand that a business has many different responsibilities, and it is difficult to manage everything and keep up to and on top of your Health and Safety responsibilities as well – but of course, this is one thing that you mustn’t let slide.

The answer is to outsource the role of Competent Person to CQMS.

We are the experts in Health and Safety, and we can help you not only feel a sense of relief but give you the freedom to work and focus on what you do best.

The Competent Person should have the skills, knowledge, practical experience, and training to enable them to assess the possible risks arising from work activities which may be hazardous to the health or wellbeing of employees.

As your retained Health and Safety Consultant, we will:

  • Act as your Competent Person, as per the Management of Health and Safety of Works Regulations 1999
  • Carry out regular audits
  • Provide you with access to Health and Safety advice, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Report any RIDDOR reportable accidents or incidents to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on your behalf
  • Assist with the completion of Contractor Appraisal Questionnaires / PQQs
  • Liaise with third parties and enforcement agencies, i.e. clients, HSE, CDM Co-ordinators via telephone and email
  • Provide you with regular updates and information to keep you informed and up to date with current Health and Safety news.

It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed and let us take care of you and your employee’s health and safety. CQMS are ready to be your Competent Person.

Please contact us now or phone 01476 566665 for an in-depth discussion about your Competent Person and retained Health & Safety consultancy needs. Or, for initial peace of mind, book your complimentary health and safety review.

You can rest assured that CQMS has a wealth of experience to act as your Competent Person. Read more about our competencies and training.