Competent Person


Your Health and Safety obligations

UK Health and Safety legislation places numerous duties on employers and one is to ensure that a ‘Competent Person’ is appointed to be responsible for your employees’ health and safety.

A Competent Person should have the skills, knowledge, practical experience and training to enable them to assess the possible risks rising from work activities which may be hazardous to the health or wellbeing of employees.

The Competent Person would ideally be an employee, however it is often simpler for organisations to outsource this role to an external consultant thus ensuring the competent person’s health and safety qualifications remain up to date and subject to continued professional development.

As your Competent Person, CQMS will take the strain and worry of keeping up to speed with the constant changes in Health and Safety legislation and will help to keep your employees safe.

As your retained Health and Safety Consultant we will:

  • act as your Competent Person, as per the Management of Health and Safety of Works Regulations 1999
  • carry out regular audits
  • provide you with access to Health and Safety advice, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • report any RIDDOR reportable accidents or incidents to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on your behalf
  • assist with the completion of Contractor Appraisal Questionnaires / PQQs
  • liaise with third parties and enforcement agencies i.e. clients, HSE, CDM Co-ordinators via telephone and email
  • provide you with regular updates and information to keep you informed and up to date with current Health and Safety news.

Please contact us now or phone 01476 566665 for an in depth discussion about your Competent Person and retained Health & Safety consultancy needs.

You can rest assured that CQMS has a wealth of experience to act as your Competent Person. Read more about our competencies and training.