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With a streamlined assessment process and transparent pricing, we offer unmatched benefits to suppliers seeking to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety standards.

Key Benefits of CQMS Safety Scheme Certification

  • SSIP Core Criteria Compliance: Our assessment process ensures alignment with industry-recognised standards, showcasing your adherence to UK health and safety regulations.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain visibility to CQMS Clients/Buyers through our dynamic online portal, showcasing your commitment to safety excellence.
  • Certification and Logo Usage: Receive a CQMS Safety Scheme certificate and enjoy complimentary use of our exclusive Safety Scheme logo throughout your certification period.
  • SSIP Portal Inclusion: Your company details will be visible on the SSIP portal, enhancing your credibility and visibility within the industry.
  • Mutual Recognition: Benefit from mutual recognition with other SSIP schemes, reducing costs and paperwork burden through the SSIP “deemed to satisfy” agreement.
  • Tendering Advantage: Demonstrate your competency effectively when tendering for future projects, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Independent External Audit: Our rigorous assessment includes an independent external audit of your Health and Safety management system against recognised industry standards, ensuring robust compliance.

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Know your assessment types


Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Ltd is an umbrella organisation that promotes a minimum standard for health and safety assessments for suppliers which is backed by the HSE.

The primary aim of SSIP is to make pre-qualification simpler andreduce occupational health and safety assessment duplication. Holding an Assessment with an SSIP member scheme allows an organisation to demonstrate that they are operating safely and complying with UK and Irish health and safety legislation.

PAS 91 is a prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) system comprising a set of standardised question modules on core criteria essential to prequalification for construction tendering.

Developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the PAS91 PQQ modules provide a universally applicable system of assessing the capability of suppliers. These question modules allow clients to determine the suitability of potential contractors for projects based on their compliance across several core areas of risk management.

The Common Assessment Standard [CAS] is an accreditation designed to standardise the prequalification process, helping both clients and contractors improve supply chain efficiency and reduce supply chain risks.

The Common Assessment Standard builds on the PAS 91 prequalification questionnaire, helping contractors achieve compliance and mitigate risks across 10 areas.

For details on how to transfer your CAS data between Recognised Assessment Bodies please read more.