IOSH Managing Safely 

Only £225.00 +VAT [£270.00] per person

About this course

The IOSH Managing Safely® online training course is designed for line managers, executives, supervisors, and anyone responsible for managing people. This course is recognized for its outstanding delivery, as rated by IOSH, and focuses on giving a comprehensive understanding of safety and health responsibilities in the workplace.

Fully online and IOSH-approved, the course is accessible anytime, anywhere, with full support from IOSH-approved tutors.

This course is for you if...​

You’re a line manager or supervisor.  If you are responsible for managing safety and health in the workplace, this course will enhance your ability to influence, control, and monitor risk.

You’re committed to improving workplace safety.  Looking to gain a solid foundation in workplace safety and health? This course provides practical insights and knowledge applicable in any workplace setting.

What this course entails

The IOSH Managing Safely® course is entirely online, including the final assessment, and covers a comprehensive curriculum. Learners can complete the course typically in 16-24 hours, with a 190-day completion window once enrolled.

You will learn how to describe key safety and health reasons in the workplace, define essential terms, identify how the law impacts safety and health, assess and control risks, and much more.


Course Syllabus

7 Units  –  Level 2 (not RQF)

This course provides a thorough learning experience across seven modules, each focusing on a key aspect of managing safely.

Introducing Managing Safely

  • Understanding the fundamental principles of managing safely.
  • Responsibilities of managers and supervisors in safety and health.

Assessing Risks

  • Learning the concepts of hazard, risk, and risk assessment.
  • Mastering the risk assessment process and risk rating system.
Controlling Risks
  • Grasping the concept of ‘reasonably practicable’ measures for risk control.
  • Applying the hierarchy of risk control to minimize risks.
Understanding Responsibilities
  • Comprehending legal responsibilities in safety and health.
  • Differentiating between criminal and civil law in safety and health contexts.
Understanding Hazards
  • Identifying various workplace hazards and effective management strategies.
  • Covering a wide range of hazards from fire safety to manual handling.
Investigating Incidents
  • Examining the reasons and benefits of incident investigation.
  • Learning the stages of structured incident investigation.
Measuring Performance
  • Understanding safety and health performance indicators.
  • Differentiating between proactive and reactive performance indicators.


Course fee: £225.00 +VAT [£270.00] per person

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