Efficient Supply Chain Management with CQMS Safety Scheme

Streamline Your Supply Chain Management

Our web-based portal offers real-time insights into the certification status of all your suppliers, providing you with a simple and effective outsourcing solution.


Tailored Supply Chain Solutions

With over 15 years of experience managing Approved Contractor Lists, we specialize in tailoring Supply Chain databases to meet your specific requirements.

Our services include:

  • Health and Safety Assessment Management: We handle all your Health and Safety assessments, either through completion of CQMS' Safety Scheme SSIP assessment or mutual recognition of existing SSIP Member Scheme certifications.
  • Ongoing Supplier Liaison: From initial contact to annual review processes, we maintain continuous communication with your suppliers, ensuring compliance and progress tracking.
  • Web-Based Portal Access: Gain access to our user-friendly web portal, offering live information on supplier certifications and assessments.
  • Cost-Free Solution: Enjoy all these benefits at zero cost to you, allowing your team to focus on core responsibilities without the burden of assessments and supplier management.

Empower Your Supply Chain Management

Our Safety Scheme Management System empowers your team to streamline supply chain oversight, reduce administrative burdens, and mitigate liability risks.

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Registration for access to our portal is simple and free. Whether you're managing an existing supply chain or seeking to optimise management, CQMS Safety Scheme has the solution for you. Contact us today at 01476 594410 or via email to discover how we can transform your supply chain management processes.

Types of CQMS Safety Scheme Assessments:


A CQMS Safety Scheme [SSIP] Assessment is our primary module.

We also offer products which cover PAS91 and the Common Assessment Standard or can provide individual modules to meet client specific requirements.

CQMS' Safety Scheme Management System allows your team to focus on their primary job roles and reduces the time consuming burden and liability of assessments and supplier management.

PAS 91 is a prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) system comprising a set of standardised question modules on core criteria essential to prequalification for construction tendering.

Developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the PAS91 PQQ modules provide a universally applicable system of assessing the capability of suppliers. These question modules allow clients to determine the suitability of potential contractors for projects based on their compliance across several core areas of risk management.

PAS91 covers the following modules:

Module C1: Supplier Identity
Module C2: Financial Information
Module C3: Business & Professional Standing
Module C4: Health & Safety [module exemption in SSIP certification is held]
Module 01: Equal Opportunity & Diversity
Module 02: Environmental Management
Module 03: Quality Management
Module 04: Building information modeling [BIM]

CQMS Safety Scheme Advanced is our PAS91 product.

The Common Assessment Standard is an accreditation designed to standardise the prequalification process, helping both clients and contractors improve supply chain efficiency and reduce supply chain risks.

The Common Assessment Standard builds on the PAS 91 prequalification questionnaire, helping contractors achieve compliance and mitigate risks across 10 areas:

Section 1: Identity
Section 2: Financial
Section 3: Corporate and Professional Standing
Section 4: Health and Safety [module exemption in SSIP certification is held]
Section 5: Environmental
Section 6: Quality
Section 7: Equality
Section 8: Corporate Social Responsibility
Section 9: Information Security and GDPR
Section 10: Information Management (IM)

CQMS' Safety Scheme Premium is our CAS product.

For details on how to transfer your CAS data between Recognised Assessment Bodies please read more.

The Importance of SSIP Certification

SSIP demonstrates that a company is operating safely

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Ltd is an umbrella organisation that promotes a minimum standard for health and safety assessments for suppliers which is backed by the HSE. The primary aim of SSIP is to make pre-qualification simpler and reduce occupational health and safety assessment duplication. Holding an Assessment with an SSIP member scheme allows an organisation to demonstrate that they are operating safely and complying with UK and Irish health and safety legislation.

Why choose CQMS Safety Scheme for your SSIP Assessment?

CQMS is actively involved with SSIP and has been a member since April 2012 and our Managing Director, Eleanor Eaton, has held the position of Chairman and Director since 2016. This relationship validates our commitment to SSIP and continued promotion of the aims and values of SSIP.

What are the benefits of SSIP?

CQMS Safety Scheme is recognised by clients and all other SSIP member schemes i.e. CHAS, Safecontractor, Achilles, and SMAS which removes the need for suppliers to complete repeated assessments with different member schemes. 

An assessment with an SSIP member scheme demonstrates a commitment to continual improvement and best practice for health and safety in the workplace.   

Save 70% with CQMS' DtS Discount

Already hold a full assessment with another SSIP Member Scheme?  If you want to be registered with CQMS Safety Scheme you can save 70% of the assessment fee* and be registered with us using your original assessment using the SSIP DtS route. 

* Your originating assessment and its expiry date will be recognised by CQMS. 


CQMS are happy to support you through this process. Call us today on 01476 594 410