CQMS Safety-Scheme Portal

CQMS Safety-Scheme have developed our own Portal which both suppliers and client buyers can access https://www.cqmssupplychainmanagement.com/

To gain access to the CQMS Portal, please go to ‘Apply Now’.

The Portal allows suppliers to:

  • Complete modules online and upload evidence to submit for assessment;
  • Receive communications through the Portal regarding the outcome of audits of their submissions;
  • Make changes to responses and upload additional information;
  • Download a copy of their certificate(s) upon successful completion;
  • View the status of modules at any time;
  • View and download copies of invoices.

Features for Buyers include:

  • Increased visibility of the status of individual modules for each supplier (awaiting completion / accepted / rejected, etc) and the expiry dates (where applicable);
  • The ability to view the status of selected suppliers by filtering by region / business unit / supplier trade;
  • The ability to ‘follow’ individual suppliers to see their status at a glance;
  • View and download copies of key supplier documents (insurances, assessment certificates, etc);
  • Receive communications sent from CQMS to buyers (organisation-wide and to specific individuals);
  • Generation of reports, including bespoke buyer-specific reports.

If you have any feedback on the use of the Portal and its functionality we would be pleased to hear from you.  Additionally if there are any features which you would like to have on the Portal which are not yet available please let us know and we will consider them prior to the next update.

Please email your feedback to safety-scheme@cqms-ltd.com