CQMS Safety Scheme Portal

CQMS Safety Scheme Portal is designed to simplify safety scheme management for both suppliers and client buyers. Accessible at https://www.cqmssupplychainmanagement.com/, our portal offers a range of features to enhance efficiency and transparency in safety scheme processes.


Supplier Features

For suppliers, our portal offers convenient features to facilitate the submission and management of safety scheme assessments, including:
  • Online Module Completion: Easily complete modules online and upload necessary evidence for assessment submission.
  • Communication Hub: Receive communications through the portal regarding audit outcomes and assessment submissions.
  • Flexible Editing: Make changes to responses and upload additional information as needed.
  • Certificate Access: Download a copy of your certificate(s) upon successful completion of assessments.
  • Real-Time Status Tracking: Monitor the status of modules in real-time and access updates at any time.
  • Invoice Management: View and download copies of invoices for your records.

Buyer Benefits

For buyers, our portal provides enhanced visibility and control over safety scheme management processes, including:
  • Status Visibility: Increased visibility of individual module statuses for each supplier, including expiry dates where applicable.
  • Customised Filtering: Filter suppliers by region, business unit, or trade to streamline management.
  • Supplier Following: Follow individual suppliers to track their status at a glance.
  • Document Access: View and download key supplier documents, such as insurance and assessment certificates.
  • Communication Hub: Receive important communications from CQMS, tailored to your organisation or specific individuals.
  • Reporting Tools: Generate comprehensive reports, including bespoke buyer-specific reports, to inform decision-making.

Experience Enhanced Safety Scheme Management

Experience streamlined safety scheme management with the CQMS Safety Scheme Portal. Whether you're a supplier or a buyer, our user-friendly platform empowers you to navigate safety scheme processes with ease and confidence.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit https://www.cqmssupplychainmanagement.com/ to access the portal and unlock the benefits of efficient safety scheme management today.


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