Risk Assessments


What is a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment looks at all your company’s work activities and considers what could go wrong and put employee’s health and safety, or lives at risk.  The workplace risk assessment then recommends what action should be taken to either eliminate or, if not possible, reduce the risk as far as reasonably possible.


Why do I need a Risk Assessment?

Every company with 5 or more employees must have written risk assessments, which have been carried out by a ‘competent person’ who has been appointed by the employer.  This can be the employer, an employee or a third party, such as CQMS. The risk assessment must be readily available to all employees and kept up to date.


How CQMS can help with your Risk Assessment?

As your ‘competent person’ we can provide a wide range of risk assessments including:

All workplace risk assessments will be completed in full by CQMS’ trained and competent Advisers and will be bespoke to your company and your work activities.

CQMS can assist you further by preparing any site specific risk assessments and supporting method statements (safe systems of work).


Want to know more about Risk Assessment with CQMS?

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Health and safety compliance doesn’t have to be exhaustive, CQMS can offer a simple, straightforward approach to health and safety for you and your employees.  We can save you both time and money, so please contact us now.