CQMS Consultancy

Successful health and safety management doesn't need to be exhaustive....

CQMS Ltd provide a wide range of Health & Safety support services throughout the UK. Our philosophy is to keep H&S simple: no jargon, no confusion, no nonsense, just peace of mind.

We enable organisations to outsource all (or part) of the H&S aspect of their business to our fully qualified team.

We work on behalf of many companies, varying from the self-employed to the multinational. Several well-known names from the construction, education and hospitality sectors rely on CQMS to help meet their health and safety obligations. Unlike many other consultancies CQMS will work with you to ensure your health and safety documentation is completed in full (no templates for your completion) and ready to issue to your workforce and to use.

3 Competent Person

Competent Person

1 H&S Policy

Health & Safety Policy

2 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments

4 H&S Audit

Health & Safety Audits

5 Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments

6 Restaurant H&S

Hospitality Sector
Health & Safety

7 Site Inspections

Site Inspections

8 CDM Adviser

CDM Adviser

9 Accident Investigation

Accident Investigations

10 H&S Training

Health & Safety Training

11. Pre-qualification support

Pre-qualification Support

12 Supply chain

Supply Chain Management