Site Inspections

CQMS been providing site inspections on live construction sites nationwide for more than 20 years as a method of proactively monitoring health and safety compliance.

How our site inspections will help you

We will help you monitor health and safety performance by:

  • ensuring work activities are undertaken in accordance with health and safety legislation
  • identifying potential or future issues for consideration
  • liaising with third parties (i.e. the client or principal contractor) as required
  • CQMS’ site inspection includes: documentation, emergency procedures, electricity, environmental issues, housekeeping, First Aid, PPE, welfare, working environment, training and work equipment, and more.

Why do I need site inspections?

Monitoring and reporting of health and safety compliance are vital parts of an organisation’s health and safety management system.

Whether your company works as a Principal Contractor or a Contractor, we can provide independent unbiased inspections of the work being undertaking by your workforce and report the findings to management.

Site managers are tasked with complying with the latest health and safety legislation and maintaining high levels of health and safety performance on their work sites.

We can help your site managers with their health and safety responsibilities.

Further information on site inspections

We have many years experience in carrying out site inspections, gained from working on a wide variety of construction projects, however, we know that every project is different, so please complete our enquiry form or telephone 01476 566665 for an in-depth discussion about your individual site inspection needs.

Compliance doesn't have to be exhaustive, CQMS can offer a simple, straightforward approach to health and safety for you and your employees. We can save you both time and money.