Supply Chain Management for Clients and Buyers

CQMS' Safety-Scheme offers a simple outsourcing solution for your Supply Chain Management; utilising a web-based portal providing 'live' information on the certification status of all your suppliers.

With over 20 years experience of managing 'Approved Contractor Lists' we will manage and subsequently monitor key areas assessment indicators, ensuring that your Supply Chain meets the requirements of CDM 2015 and other pertinent requirements.

Every Supply Chain database managed by CQMS is individually tailored to meet YOUR specific requirements and will include:

  • Management of all your H&S assessments either through the completion of CQMS' Safety Scheme assessment or mutual recognition of an existing SSIP Member Scheme certification
  • Ongoing liaison with all suppliers from the initial contact advising your requirements, throughout the assessment process and including the annual review process.
  • Ongoing liaison with the client to advise supplier progress and the ability to 'fast-track' urgent suppliers assessments.
  • Provide access to our web based Portal providing 'live' information.

All the above can be provided at zero cost to Clients and/or Buyers.

Health and Safety Certification is our primary module however further modules are available to meet client specific requirements

  • Financial,
  • Environmental,
  • Quality,
  • Equality,
  • Modern Slavery,
  • Anti Bribery and Corruption,
  • Referees,

CQMS' Safety-Scheme Management System allows my team to focus on their primary job roles and reduces the time consuming burden and liability of assessments and supplier management.

Want to know more?

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Register for CQMS' Safety-Scheme Client Portal

Registration is simple and free.  If you manage your existing supply chain and would like to register for access to CQMS' Safety-Scheme portal detailing records of over 11,500 suppliers working in the UK, please call CQMS on 01476 594410 or drop us an email.