Pre-qualification support

Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) are often considered exhaustive and complicated.

The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

The majority of Pre-Qualification questionnaires are based upon the SSIP Core Criteria (the Threshold Standard) which covers the following areas:

  1. Health & Safety policy and organisation for Health & Safety
  2. Arrangements
  3. Competent advice – corporate and construction related
  4. Training and information
  5. Individual qualifications and experience
  6. Monitoring, audit and review
  7. Accident reporting and enforcement action; follow up investigation
  8. Sub-contracting /consulting procedures (if applicable)
  9. Risk assessment leading to a safe system of work
  10. Co-operating with others and co-ordinating your work with that of other contractors
  11. Welfare provision

Each of the above criteria are required by UK Health and Safety legislation and the majority of organisations will have suitable procedures in place to meet the requirements and if you don't that is where we can help.

Not everybody has the time nor resources to complete PQQs and that is where CQMS can support; this service is included within our Competent Person service as standard taking away the frustration and enabling you to get on with what you do best!