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Health &Safety FAQ's

Does Health and Safety matter, or even affect your business?

Check out some of the more frequently asked questions (and the answers) about Health and Safety.

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Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP) certification is offered by CQMS.

Contractor Accreditation with CQMS' Safety-Scheme

CQMS is a registered member of SSIP


CQMS Safety Scheme Accreditation

CQMS Limited is a Registered Member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement Forum (SSIP) and is dedicated to promoting higher health and safety standards within industry.  Membership of our Safety-Scheme ensures companies are assessed in accordance with the SSIP Core Criteria.

CQMS offer a fast and straightforward application process with comprehensive auditor responses.

To reduce the burden and bureaucracy of health and safety paperwork CQMS support the ethos of the SSIP forum and are pleased to mutually accept all other Health and Safety assessments by SSIP Member Schemes.

Benefits of Safety-Scheme accreditation with CQMS for suppliers and contractors

Excellent value for money for suppliers – there is a flat rate fee for certification with no hidden costs. Safety-Scheme accreditation with us provides the following benefits:

    • Visibility to CQMS Clients 24/7 via the online CQMS database
    • Inclusion of your company details on the SSIP portal
    • A free copy of the CQMS Safety-Scheme certificate
    • Free use of the CQMS Safety-Scheme logo for the duration of your certification
    • Pre-qualification by a member of the SSIP Forum means that you are being assessed to a recognised standard.  This standard is recognised by the HSE* and accreditation schemes that have quality assurance processes.  In short, you and your clients can have confidence in the credibility of pre-qualification assessment by an SSIP Forum member
    • Mutual recognition of other SSIP schemes i.e. CHAS, NHBC & SMAS amongst others, reducing the paperwork burden through the 'deem to satisfy' agreement.
    Flat rate fee** for certification:  
    Contractor: £85.00 +VAT (0-4 employees) £100.00 +VAT (5+ employees)
    Principal Contractor: £100.00 +VAT (0-4 employees) £100.00 +VAT (5+ employees)
    Designer: £85.00 +VAT (0-4 employees) £100.00 +VAT (5+ employees)
    Principal Designer: £85.00 +VAT (0-4 employees) £100.00 +VAT (5+ employees)
    Non construction: £85.00 +VAT (0-4 employees) £100.00 +VAT (5+ employees)
    Group Applications: Please contact our office for further details
    Deem to satisfy certificate £25.00 +VAT  
    **Note Linden Homes/ Galliford Try suppliers will incur an additional fee of £28.10 +VAT for the supplementary Question Set and HMRC/payment information.








Benefits of contractor accreditation with CQMS for clients

CQMS' Safety-Scheme Management System offers a simple outsourcing solution to your H&S Assessments; utilising a web-based system the cost is covered by your suppliers (contractors, designers and consultants) enabling a solution which is FREE of charge to Clients.

With over 15 years experience of managing Client 'approved contractor lists' we can manage all areas of your assessments, ensuring that your suppliers meet the requirements of CDM 2015.

Furthermore every Management System managed by CQMS is individually tailored to meet YOUR specific needs and will include:
(1) Management of all your Stage 1 assessments either through the completion of CQMS' Safety Scheme assessment or mutual recognition of an existing SSIP Member Scheme certification
(2) Ongoing liaison with all suppliers from the initial contact advising your requirements, throughout the assessment process and including the annual review process.
(3) Ongoing liaison with the client to advise supplier progress and the ability to 'fast-track' urgent suppliers assessments.

CQMS' Safety-Scheme Management System allows your team to focus on their primary job roles and reduce the time consuming burden of assessments and supplier management. Additionally CQMS provide you with access to information held on all your suppliers via a web based Portal.


Want to know more about Safety-Scheme accreditation with CQMS?

Compliance doesn't have to be exhaustive, CQMS can offer a simple, straightforward approach to health and safety for you and your employees. We can save you both time and money.

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