Complimentary H&S Review

45 mins duration

CQMS’ complimentary H&S Review provides you with health and safety peace of mind.

During your H&S Review, we will assess your existing documents remotely, enabling you to benefit from expert advice at a time that suits you.

Here at CQMS, we want to alleviate your feelings of overwhelm or anxiety when you think about Health & Safety. Our knowledge and expertise will give you the reassurance and confidence you need.

The Complimentary H&S Review consists of:

  1. Review of your H&S documents: A H&S Consultant will complete a fast & thorough check of your health and safety policies and procedures. We will ask some probing questions to help us to understand your business and your existing H&S compliance.
  2. You’ll get H&S advice: We will provide you general advice on your documentation. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any specific questions you may have.
  3. A professional report: We will provide you with a summary report advising all findings observed during our audit.

This is completely at our expense and there is no obligation for you to use our services.

Book your complimentary H&S Review and become one step closer to banishing health and safety anxiety forever.