CDM Adviser

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 came into force on 6th April 2015. CQMS Ltd offer a package of services as CDM Consultant / Adviser to discharge both Client and Principal Designer duties.

How can CQMS help:

CQMS can support the Client, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor and Contractors with compliance with updated legislation.

We can be appointed as CDM Adviser for the Client to ensure that, throughout the planning, design and construction of a project, adequate consideration is given to the health, safety and welfare of all those affected and involved in the construction work.  Additionally we can be appointed by the Principal Designer to provide support thereby ensuring the organisational capability is held to carry out the role in addition to necessary design skills, knowledge and experience.

Typically services as a CDM Adviser include: Provision of advice regarding duties and responsibilities; Site visit for hazard identification purposes; F10 notification to the HSE and subsequent updates; Production of Pre-Construction Information; Review of Construction Phase Plan; Attendance at Design/Project Team Meetings; Provision of Health and Safety File; H&S Competency Assessment; Site Safety Inspections; Review of design risk registers; Support during the development of key strategies e.g. cleaning & maintenance, plant replacement, etc; Review of contractor’s site specific RAMS; CDM Awareness training.

Guidance is available for all duty holders under the revised regulations in the following CITB publications:

Role of the Client

Role of the Principal Designer

Role of the Designer

Role of the Principal Contractor

Role of the Contractors

Role of the Workers

The full HSE guidance on the new CDM Regulations can be downloaded here