Health and Safety Audits


Why do we need a Health and Safety Audit?

You are legally responsible for protecting your employees and ensuring health and safety risks are minimised and controlled.

Health & Safety Audits determine whether there are adequate and effective control measures in place within the business to ensure that:

  • the business has a clear understanding of, and follows the Health & Safety policy, and also promotes a positive safety and health culture
  • the business has introduced planning processes, which identify objectives and set Health & Safety performance standards
  • the business has identified and provided resources required for implementing, maintaining and improving Health & Safety
  • the performance standards in place are actively monitored and lessons learned are used to improve Health & Safety standards within the business
  • the performance standards are understood and followed by all staff within the business.


How CQMS can help you with your Health and Safety Audits

Our Health and Safety Advisers carry out independent, comprehensive and consistent Health and Safety audits covering a number of areas (offices, factories, sites, workshops, restaurants) and our Monitoring Reports address over 60 key health, safety and welfare issues, including:

  • Health & Safety documentation
  • Work equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Training
  • Working environment
  • First Aid
  • Environmental issues


CQMS offers a range of Health and Safety Audits

CQMS can also complete a range of other Reports required under Health & Safety legislation for your company including:

  • Fire Safety Audit
  • Asbestos register and management plan
  • Disability survey of premises
  • CDM Stage 1 competency assessment to SSIP standards through CQMS Safety-Scheme (desktop review)


Want to know more about Health and Safety Audits with CQMS?

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Compliance doesn’t have to be exhaustive, CQMS can offer a simple, straightforward approach to health and safety for you and your employees. We can save you both time and money, so please contact us now.